Post-Master degree Aeronautical Operations and Maintenance

ESTACA Master AOM-1The modern air transport industry needs engineers who have more than the traditional technical skills. The airlines need to ensure global security at an affordable cost. Their Engineers need a global view of the legal and economic environment as well as an in-depth understanding of operations and maintenance processes in order to cope with growing international competition and a complex regulatory framework.

ESTACA offers a Post-Master degree program in aeronautical operations and maintenance that applies to Airline, MRO operators, Airport operators Aeronautical logistic and air manufacturing companies. The aim of this one-year program is to offer students the means to understand the organization and the economy of the air transport industry. They will be in close contact with our partners (Aircraft manufacturers, Airlines, MRO operators, Airport operators), so they will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge directly to real cases. The Air Rules are the cornerstone of this course and are studied with different approaches.

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An innovative program closely aligned with industrial requirements

Listen to Marc Weber program director about the Advanced Master


Acquire the skills to understand the organization and the economy of the air transport industry

Program benefits

  • Teaching faculty heavily involved in the industrial sector
  • Global overview of the air transport industry

Skills acquired

  • Implementation and execution of aircraft maintenance and airline operations from the perspective of a manufacturer, maintenance operator and airline.
  • Ability to work within the constraints of aeronautics regulations
  • Understanding of European (EASA) and US (FAA) regulations
  • Understanding of relationships between airworthiness authorities, manufacturers, airlines, airports and MRO operators

Syllabus : 400 hours of academic coursework (more details on the cursus tab)

(October to mid-February)

  • Regulatory environment (in Europe and the United States)
  • Airline operations
  • MRO operations
  • Engineering skills

6 months minimum of in-company operational training followed by a professional thesis defense (February - August)


  • Teaching modules assessed via exams and case studies
  • Academic project & Professional thesis assessed via dissertation


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